Freeware Product of the Year at Gizmo's Freeware

Gizmo’s Freeware is currently asking for you to vote for your favorite freeware product of the year.

The products to vote for are given on this page. Please vote for your favorite freeware program. You can only vote once.

Voting will be open until December 31st.

Done :slight_smile:

done :-TU

Done :BNC

CIS is in page 3 now

Bump to top as final voting has now commenced.

Voted CIS, but it is nice to see other programs like PDF-XChange PDF Viewer made the nomination list.

I had voted for CIS as well! CCleaner is NOT by a long shot the best cleaning product out there! DiskMax Blows It Away! Sure it does not have the “secure deletion” process like CCleaner does (yet) and it may not have the ability to “clean” traces of information from those certain independent products that one might use. But, It does a much thorough job of cleaning your system and browsers!

looks like MSE won

the top three were:
CCleaner (10% 273 votes)
MSE (10% 276 votes)
Sandboxie (10% 270 votes)