FreeWare of the year! Vote here.

Great, +1 vote on CIS! :-TU

Voted, but why everybody describes CIS like comodo firewall.It’s many, many times more than just a firewall.I’m a bit angry. >:-D

I contacted the poll maker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super! :-TU

I voted for Comodo, 4 votes so far… :cry:

Comodo currently got 86 votes. Its Safari that has 4 votes. :-TU

LOL at Safari 4, 5 votes but 0% >:-D

Added my vote at the expense of Opera 10… why is life never easy? 88)

ianjrichards is either very busy or very…

He still hasn’t done anything to indicate he heard my message about the named of CIS on that poll.

Blah. 88)

If I could, I’d vote for all of them :frowning:

Life simply ain’t honest… I would have voted multiple times for Opera 10…:smiley:

But you made the right choice are decided Firefox and CIS were better. :a0 Wise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never used Microsoft Security Essentials. And I don’t know what it is used for?

List is a bit short, where are programs like Format Factory, asquared and CCleaner etc, etc?

I voted for Firefox.