Freedom of speech

People should have freedom of speech in this section…
No suppression…

Unfortunately or fortunately the same rules apply here as they do with the rest of the community.

Remember freedom of speech is fantastic in theory, however in reality it all turns a bit Lord of the Files.

It’s a decent discussion to have so I’ll like to see what other users think of your suggestion.

Free speech is essential for living in a free country. Everywhere without free speech absolutism is a dictatorship.

The solution to bad speech isn’t censorship, it’s more speech. If someone says something that’s wrong, you don’t censor them for being wrong, you show why they’re wrong in your own statement.


I deleted my responses as it’s not my views that’s important it’s the community as a whole.

More importantly I don’t want me having a back and forward with people on this topic which leads to people not coming forward and having their say as I do think this is a decent topic.

Yes, the forum is for issues related to Comodo/Xcitium products and other topics related to malware and IT security as a whole.

To the issue of free speech, everyone should have the right to voice their concerns about how reliable comodo/xcitium products are…especially if they discovered an exploit or mistakenly whitelist malware…or malware with a stolen signature.

Everybody has free speech as long as it doesn’t breach the forum policy.

Just for your reference here is the forum policy.

Since you all love free speech it would be advantageous to learn what your limits are. :grin:


Regarding forum policy rules and freedom of speech, what forum policy rule(s) did apply to or justified the removal of the “Off topic reminder” which I started in this off topic section?
It was a normal decent respectful conversation and yet it got removed.

Respect moderators. They volunteer to keep these forums running efficiently. Please respect Moderators’ decisions and acknowledge that Moderators and Administrators may not be able to ask for or accept your feedback every time.

Lol that was too easy. I had it ready in my back pocket just in case you asked. :grin:

Does ‘not be able to ask for or accept your feedback every time’ means that topics can be removed instantly without any further notice to the topic starter?
And, don’t other moderators or admins have to review a topic too to get consensus about whether a topic has to be removed or not?

The please respect moderators decisions part.

Don’t add the word and after a full stop, it’s not the done thing in the English language.

Anyway no they don’t. All moderators moderate slightly differently to each other and long may it continue, as that’s how it should be as we are all different people. It’s great to receive feedback from a fellow moderator if for example they think I’ve been harsh or if they feel I’ve dealt with a situation wrongly.

So I am pretty clear in what I expect users to be. Namely to act like adults and not like children. If I have to be the only adult in a thread that’s never a good thing.

Guess what? A moderator in a well run community with great users, should be in theory be seen and not heard as the community is effectively running itself. I’ve never had that happen in any community I’ve been in. Why’s that? Well issues happen which is absolutely fine.

Like I’ve said we are the kind of people you probably wish wasn’t around until the community is in a jam then you’d wish we were there.

Another thing it’s not you VS us or whatever you think it is. We are users and you are users. So part of we do is stop conversations going off topic and to do general housekeeping like moving topics and stuff like that.

Yes we can and do warn, silence or ban users but that’s to keep the community running smoothly.

People who behave, which is the vast majority of the users on all communities will never need to hear from us which is absolutely wonderful. As it means less work for us and more peace for them.

I hope I’ve answered all of your questions.

im sorry guys but its a waste of time toi continue this monologue with patrice58. he seems to be so deeply on the way of thinking he is right that he is blind.

doesnt matter what you think or what you try to use as excuses when you treat users like an ditactor here with the excuses of “forum policies, bla bla bla”.

or the forum has free of speech right guaranteeded or not. simple. if it has, than its easy to solve any problems: if a user is being disrespectful, warn him in private one, two times, the last one its a ban, without publicaly arguing or trying to be seen as some kind of “god of speech” or something else…

sorry my english. as english is not my primary language, sometimes i have difficult to express myself as im not a big brain on english costumes nor language tricks etc.

There’s no right to free speech on a private forum. They can set their policies as they see fit and if you don’t like it, you can take your speech somewhere else.

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i wont. thats it.

there are rules here, in fact, almost everywhere thre are rules to live on… but rules are there to bring people directions. moderators has the obligation of conduct these directions, not be impregned with angry or anything else and teking things personal by “taking actions as it pleases him”. if its a forum, a comunity, everything should be discussed before any decisions, no matter if its a mod or even melih. if its a comunnity than its needed to have some way of conducting things for the sake of the comunity and not for the sake of “one” moderator.

im not directing it to anyone. im trying to use english to explain a point of view of mine.

maybe im in some kind of multiverse, i dont known. what i know is that in any forum or chat i parcitipate there are rules and when some mod take things for the personal side by conducting things by his on terms, in all these places iv seing mods getting banned for this. even on reddit i see this happening time to time…

thats all.

bb guys. working like crazy here at my job and when getting home have some more work to do.

one last thing.

its not an private forum. its an free forum. anyone can come here, register a free account and participate. if its to be an private forum, make it by invitations only so only who you desire will be invided to enter here. other than that, here, comodo forum, its a free forum for anyone.

and that goes right in the direction of comodo company visions, so…

Just because it’s free and open to everyone doesn’t mean it isn’t private. It’s private as in a private company or organization (not government) is running it. I think that a more compelling argument about free speech can be made about social media because it’s become so massive that it is now effectively the public forum. This is a forum that is about Comodo software. While it’s possible that rules could be applied unfairly, the end effect of that is not a great threat to your rights or anyone else’s.

Even in the context of a government run institution like a public library, rules can still apply. If you go into a public library and become a nuisance, you can be required to leave.

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cassette i have to disagree with you.

take brazil as an example. there are rules here. but no rules are above law and constitution rules, so even if youre in a place where they have their own rules, if these rules are different from what we have in constitution, these rules dont apply. thats democracy.

like here. its a free forum. its an forum hosted ini what country? if usa then the rules of america will apply, not what you mod think. simple. thats democracy.

the same goes for social media, etc.

anyway, tired of wasting time with this topic as it will not let us anywhere as some mods are just with the king on their belly.

lets back to the subject of the forum, and lets ask, again, where is cis 2024? its time to be released (the time passed it seems) and still nothing about it.

TRUTH THE NEW HATE SPEECH- during time of universal deceit(aka political correctness), telling the truth became a revolutionray act- George Orwell…
Freedem of speech… well communists/socialists aka marxist don’t like it, just ask east germany…

just to let u know even comapnies are not above basic human rights aka freespeech and expressing opinions… whats nxt slavery is allowed in some cases …s-crew that

That’s hyperbole right?..right?!

The rules of America don’t prevent a forum owner for controlling the content of the forum. The Constitution of the United States prohibits the government from criminally prosecuting someone for speech. Being banned or censored on a forum is not criminal prosecution.

but it can become…

and i dont blive thats the goal of comodo company. remember the almost slogan: “making trust online”?

well… lets see the next chapters of it on this forum…

im out of this nonsense topic. i just want cis 2024. no more wasting time with the pursue of the “i own the truth and i can ban, erase or anything I want as I can argue anything I like… muaahahaha”, ok?