Free Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal by Comodo experts! (yep.. you read it right!)

I want Comodo offer this service to our forum members.
what do you all think?




Wonderful idea!

But i think it isnt clear enough if comodo experts remove malware from an infected personal computer or a user can download an improved antimalware software like boclean and can try to clean itself.




our Experts will remotely login to the users machine and clean it!


Letting people hacking my pc (:TNG) No way.

I think many new users will log into the forum just for the cleaning. How many post should you have done to get the cleaning?

Still a great idea (I would prefer if the manpower should go to the development of the products first, but …)


Maybe it should be judged by how long you’ve been a member?

Yeah. I like someone became a member in 2006 and rarely visits. Not fair ! Take a look at Vettetech :smiley: He’s cracking me up. So active ! He had like 400 - 500 posts not so long ago. And one day like wow !!! he started posting like mad ! :smiley: 15 posts a day or so. And looky ! 17XX whatever posts in such a short time. Now this guys surely deserves the feature Melih’s talking about. He need’s that warranty. Cos if he’s that active on the web - despite using Avira and things like that - he needs it anyway ;D

Just kidding. Don’t take it personally :wink:

But the SMART warranty would be great.

Oh remember the “THANK YOU” feature in the forum I was talking about ? I think a person who gets enough thank you’s (determined by administrators) could get this warranty. But ofcourse you’ll say - everyone will hunt thank you’s. Write PM’s and ask for thank you’s or ask their friends to vote for them. So I suggest a forum THANK YOU board where we can thank for the help given and write why that person deserves to get a point ;D

Sorry for my bad english :-[

Well I want to be able to offer everyone a free malware removal really :slight_smile: (maybe I could do it with a 30 day trial, where the user subscribes and have 30 day to cancel their subscription, this way they get a free cleaning and its upto them to keep the subscription to comodo before 30 day runs out… if they do (we will be grateful and help them all the way giving them a hassle free computing from malware) if they don’t keep it, they get a free cleaning…)…

what do u think?


I think it’s a great idea ! Simple and effective. :-TU

So … (I just thinking dark) How many accounts can I make ?? Because each time I can register and get 30 days for free. Account will be made just for another 30 day cleaning, so what about IP scanning (1 cleaning per IP).


we will have some abuse protection put in too :slight_smile:

I am going to lock & unsticky this one because there is already another sticky about this.