Free version of Comodo antivirus and different EULAs


I noticed that the EULA on the website is different than the EULA during installation (of the latest version on Windows).

The EULA on the website ( says:

"1.1 Comodo grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-transferable license to download, install, back-up, and use Comodo Anti-Virus™, including any documentation files or website information accompanying it (collectively, the “Program”), on as many computers as desired […] "

Instead, the EULA during installation says:

Comodo grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to download, install, back-up, and use the Software and Services (collectively, the “Products”) on (1) one personal computer unless otherwise indicated under a valid license granted by Comodo for the term that you have paid for, including any documentation and files accompanying the Products.

So, my questions are:

  • Which is the right EULA ?
  • On how many computers is possible to install the free version of the Comodo antivirus ?

Thanks for clarifying.

The free version can be installed on any computer. The paid versions can be installed on a limited number of computers.

Not sure. Actually, the statement on (1) one personal computer unless otherwise indicated is written in the EULA when installing the free version of Comodo.

Forget about the EULA’s. :wink: The free version can be used by everybody in the world including businesses, non profits etc… With Comodo you pay for additional services. When using a paid version there will be a limitation on the numbers of computers it can be installed.

Ok. Then the EULA at installation time is definitely wrong (and that’s why a different EULA is available online).

When using Comodo in business activities, the EULA matters (it’s a legal statement, which cannot be ignored).

Can you please report this inconsistency to the Comodo team, so that they can align the two versions ?

Many thanks.

If the “almighty Eulalyzer” won’t tell you otherwise, you might be safe. Warning: Might contain BIT’s of IRON(y).

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile:

I was expecting a more professional answer, indeed.

Hi, claudio77,

I am rather sure neither Eric nor myself ever wanted to “somewhat disappoint” you, regarding your questioning.
Yes, you’ve certainly been asking a good / necessary question.

Even if Melih tends to “give away” lots of useful and mighty things for FREE to the public, for some of those “professional (by means of business related) customers” out there it might be somewhat difficult to make sure (if) they can (are allowed to) use COMODO’s free products by higher numbers, i. e. installing products of COMODO’s FREE software range on MORE than just one machine for an unlimited time.

Well, I really guess some of those (rather aged) EULA’s just have been overlooked.

But I’m also rather sure that Melih can give you an official answer, so I’m trying now to push this thread up again, as it obviously has not yet been answered in a satisfying way (for you, the thread starter).

Kind regards, REBOL.

Melih, maybe you can give an official answer on this?

Here is forum site and we are all volunteers (EricJH also) to help Comodo and computer users.
If you want more professional answers, you can contact with Comodo Support and leave them a ticket

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