Free version. COMODO Anti virus for LINUX

I’m a newbie to LINUX and COMODO. I have attempted to install the free version of the COMODO internet security on my laptop using the LINUX Mint 17.1 cinnamon operating system. I get the same problem as other users with a “File system filter driver not loaded”
I follow the on screen instructions regarding the appropriate kernel module “redirts.ko”
However I still have the same problem. I have searched the forum and a few other people have the same problem with no solution being posted. Is there a fix for this, or does this application not run on LINUX mint 17.1 32 bit?



There are posts on fixing it that some people claimed they were able to fix it, but I haven’t been successful. The problem is COMODO doesn’t have the proper drivers in the download package to have real time scanning. People wouldn’t have this problem if COMODO would come out with a new version with the proper drivers. Why they don’t do this does not make any logical sense. You can use it the way it is to do manual scans though.