Free trustconnect alternative.

  1. sounds like a free trustconnect alternative but how far can it be trusted. 88)

thanks for this info :-TU

yep, it’s the main question. and why free is the next question :slight_smile:
you need to absolutely trust them in order to use their service

alternatively,you may want to take a look at this one. promising and very secure but a bit slow.

yep i know about Tor. and no, it is not very secure. person running malicious exit node(s) of Tor’s network can get all your traffic in plain-text. passwords sent by http transactions, mail, everything, unless you use https, vpn, mail encryption et other forms of data protection.

good example to force my words.

by the way i like Tor very much, especially TorVM, the safest way to run Tor on Windows, but TorVM is currently broken for me, waiting for a fix…

and you are right - Tor needs people relaing traffic. currently Tor’s network is a slow network.

I forgot to mention the https thing. thank you :wink: . tor however defeat local sniffers and isp monitoring,combined with https,it is very secure indeed.

yep, it’s true i guess. Tor is a great solution, but you need to know where data is encrypted/decrypted in onion network and consider all exit nodes as unsafe in order to avoid sensitive data leakage.