Free Spyware/Virus/Malware cleaning by Comodo Experts! (yep FREE)

If you think you have a spyware, trojan, virus or any kind of malware let Comodo Experts check and clean your machine remotely. Why not try it… its free…click here and and go and click on the “Try our service for free” link.

We are serious about fighting malware and this offer simply does NOT exist anywhere free. The best you will get for a similar service is to pay over $100!!!..

Go ahead and give it a try and please spread the word to everyone who might have malware in their machine!


Sorry, but I can’t access that free trial site, Melih.

It seems that website is blocked by my MVPS Hosts file: #[Spyware:Cookie/Server.iad.Liveperson]

Site works for me.

I tried the link this morning and I get a Chat window. Strange but we’ll see how it goes.


I chatted with a OP.

I just told the guy to keep up the good work & I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


It’s also blocked by my MVPS Hosts file and says the exact same thing.

I couldn’t get anywhere until I REM’d GoogleAnalytics in my urlfilter.ini. Weird, innit?

Guess I will try again tomorrow…must be pretty busy.



Man, this is working and it’s awesome easy to follow!

Today i decided to test how this whole process is working so i can write about it into the forums i visit. Here’s the big deal:

  1. click on the link, open a chat
    In my case, an employee with the nick, “Tom”, introduced himself. He asked me about other firewall softwares i got. I haven’t had CFP3 but an AVG IS - 30 day trial -, which included a firewall. At first - before newing product name - Tom proposes firewall service stopping/disabling. Then I was asked to uninstall AVG IS, reboot, then connect back to the support.
  2. uninstall other firewall softwares: i uninstalled AVG IS and rebooted the computer. I was also asked to close the applications i’m running (i was allowed to run notepad and Hypersnap).
  3. connect back to the support: you can decide wheather you’d like to be informed about the report or no , so you can type in your email address (optional).
  4. obtain the remote software client:
    I was asked to run a client software which will establish a remote connection from Tom’s operating system to my system. It’s better to disallow download managers in this part and run the executable from it’s position (no save is really needed, in a good case you’ll only run it once). In my case i haven’t got too good connection, around 150K recommended: i had wireless connection to the router - 2 walls between me and the router, i used draftN -, Tom told me that the cause of my sync problem can be my router. So, try to be around your router at least and you can handle the case much faster ;)!
  5. creating restoration point:
    Guess what, it doesn’t matter what language your operating system got! My system got Hungarian language but the support easily resolved this issue, he know where he could find the needed functions. Awesome!
  6. downloading the firewall:
    So, at first, the support agent examined my system - regarding free space and os type -, then opened the browser to download the firewall i need. This was quite a fast process, however, you should try to avoid non-english download manager (not a big problem, he resolved it).
  7. launching the firewall:
    He stopped only once and asked me to agree with the terms&conditions of the firewall.
  8. uppon finding malware:
    Once a malware is found, the agent will inform you - and of course, you can see it in the scanner window. I had a testing application which was downloaded to test firewalls (you can find test files on There’s a question you must decide:
    a. continue with removing - no problems;
    b. continue without removing: in such cases, you’ll terminate the license agreement (so: you should allow removing).
    The scanning speed is up to your computer, my data: ~184000 files within 42 minutes. My computer isn’t too fast, here are the datas:
    MSI Mega Book - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Vista Ultimate 64bit.
  9. Tom unchecked the restart checkbox and checked some firewall settings and copied my firewall license number.
  10. that’s all, we’ve finished the whole process within 1 hour!


  • the scan will jump from drive-to-drive cause it’ll scan after the entries it’ll read out from the registry;
  • around 150k is recommended for this process;
  • checking only the Windows\winsxy directory on my Vista took the most part;
  • you can record the whole process, it’s allowed, or you can take pictures, etc.;
  • my system got Hungarian language;

Despite my connection problems i’m quite glad with this service (:CLP). Check the attached pictures, proof of the kewl service!

Anything else you want for FREE?? Congratulations for the idea, for the support team and for Comodo!

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Tom’s looking good (dude looks like a lady) :-TU ;D

Good job, Ark.

(:CLP) great support ! :-TU

how much a service like this would cost from competitors?


From 25 to 50 $ I suppose 88)

really? that cheap?



Look at pic., she is the same Tom from ZA

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lol what’s going on? ;D

Tomases twins covers all bases…


I wonder how that happened ???


what the heck? ;D

this could go to the LoL topic…

Maybe be i’m !ot! here, But i think found a trojan but i cant send it to comodo using the submit feature in comodo firewall pro. It says the server was reset… (:SAD) maybe because of my slow internet… is there another way? i attached the file here using rar.

Edit : Do not attach live or suspected malware to forum posts. You should use an online scan like