Free Roboscan Internet Security

Free Roboscan Internet Security. It uses Bitdefender & Inhouse. Dont know if it uses the latest Bitdefender or which version of Bitdefender. I think Roboscan & Alyac Security Products are the same.

Downloaded, installed & tested.

Seems light, 3 processes, autoupdate, etc.

During install I read the changelog for this version & it mentioned update to the latest bitdefender sdk or something. I dont know what this means.

Waited for automatic update to update the database but it didn’t started so did manual update which went fine.

Tested with 38 zeroday malware on realsystem XP SP2 execution test.

Detected 13/38.

I dont know Realtime has heuristics & archive scan or not coz there was no detail setting for realtime. But under scan options there was heur & monitor compressed file so I enabled both & tested but it detected the same 13 malware, not detected anything extra with rightclick scan too.

Looking at the detection I guess it uses old bitdefender engine & Inhouse seems not good.

OK its using bitdefender engine 7.4.x.x…x.x

Whats the latest bitdefender engine version?

Update option can used over p2p (Called smart update).
Can disable.

Hi, anyone here is still using Roboscan Internet Security? I am wondering anyone who are using it has suffered the problem of updating the latest virus signature database from Roboscan.

I tried & uninstalled it.

It quite a lot of times gives update errors like invalid file recieved from servers.

Even manual updates i.e the signatures downloaded from the site gave me the error that Roboscan need to be installed & Roboscan was already installed.

Hi, finally I have managed to update to the so called “latest virus signature database version,” but the version is 5 days behind the version posted in Roboscan’s official website.

I think this can be used to explain why Roboscan has inconsistent detection rate with BD

I have attached the few pictures about that in this post as shown as follows:

[attachment deleted by admin]


I checked it today & you are right.

There seems difference in updates & the reason for huge difference in detection of Roboscan & Bitdefender.

I have also posted this in wilders mentioning you.

Here is the link.

Just want to update my previous post…

Today, I tried Roboscan again and I found that the update problem seems like getting a solution to overcome the problem. Now, it has the latest virus definition as shown in their official website.

Looks way doggy :-\

Keep an eye on this & post here.

I am writing this to attach some pictures that show RIS now has the latest virus database version as shown in their website.

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Heyy dannyy,

Does autoupdate works fine?

Does autoupdate triggers more than once a day as mention in the settings i.e frequency automatic?

The autoupdate is fine but I didn’t pay attention whether it updates more than once a day automatically. It’s because I always update the vrius database version manually. I am so sorry about that.

I have a 4mbps broadband connection.

The default is set to autoupdate & autoupdate frequency. Have they changed the autoupdate settings a bit? Previously when I had installed it the p2p update option was checked by default, now its unchecked by default?

Here the autoupdate doesn’t works fine. Today I waited for 5 hours for autoupdate but it didn’t autoupdated & finally had to do manual update. I find the autoupdate not working fine.

Yes, the p2p update option is still checked by default. I have no idea about its autoupdate but the thing I can very sure is that its update virus database system has problem. It’s because yesterday I tried to reinstall it and update the database but in the end, I still cannot manage to download the latest version but the program appeared a dialogue box of the virus database has been updated.

Now I am totally give up this product and never try this product again as it keeps on disappointing me.

Exactly same prob here.

I too give up this product.

Did you try Pro version? I am thinking if the update prob is specific to Free version by purpose.

No, I didn’t try the Pro version because its free version is good enough. Luckily, I didn’t uninstall it because I managed to download the latest virus database version in this morning. So I think I will keep it for few weeks to see whether there is any improvement.

Heyy Danny,

Howz RoboScan Update now & RoboScan overall?