Free Rice for Africa

Hello everybody,my name is Charlie my dad is Melih. There is a website that gives rice to Africa.
The website is called please go to this website and play the game to earn free rice.
You don’t have to give money!!!

Lol wtf… is this for real? Doubt it… Reporting it just incase ;D

Yes it is real :slight_smile:


it is real I am 7. please go to it soon

Welldone Charlie!

Keep up the good work

Daddy (:AGL) (:CLP) (:HUG) (:KWL) (:NRD) :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC (:WAV)

I must say that I was pretty surprised to read this but :). good one charlie ! Hope to see you around some time.


Hello Charles! (:WAV)

Thank you for the link!


Welcome Charlie, there can’t be too many Abdulhayoglus around here, your dad Melih is awesome. :wink:

Regards from LA


This is great! Very good initiative Charlie.

Thank you everyone


(This is what makes Comodo unique :D)


Charlie came to me and asked me for ideas how he can get more people to help him with freerice. So I introduced him to the concept of posting in the forum etc… His eyes lit up! So we setup his account and waited for the weekend to make a post…

Now he presses f5 every 5 seconds to see how many more people have read his post :slight_smile: While clicking away on Freerice! He must have got a truck or two worth of rice so far!!! :slight_smile:


i think i’ve made 400grains but then i decide i can’t take it anymore >_<
some words can’t be found on google

Hehe… you don’t have to do words… there is a Change subjects button, you can do maps and so on.

yeah those suck >_< i don’t know anything. maybe instead of taking the quiz, i’ll just send the rice to africa myself ;D

good luck with the uuuuh operation rice drop charles :-TU

Welcome to the forums Charlie!

Your Dad is awesome! Thanks for the link, I managed to get to 200. :-[ Anyway nice to meet you champ, goodluck with school and your future! (Comodo’s next CEO ;)).

Cya later buddy!


Hi Charlie,

Nice to meet you. Good initiative :-TU
I made just 300 at this time…

…but I will play & supply more later again.

In addition to the good cause that’s helpful for improving the language ;D


I think I would be more effective if I bought a case of rice and sent it over. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go Charlie :slight_smile:

I wanted to beat Ganda at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

pfftt, cheater 88) lemme test you…what’s KERMIS? 88)