Free Remote Desktop

A Free Remote Desktop software (like TeamViewer, for exemple) but free for everyone :slight_smile:

I also want this product, heck I want this product so bad I made an account just so I can tell you guys how much I want this

TeamViewer is free. And good.

not for business users :(. (however, Windows 10 now cames with “Quick Assistance”… sad it’s not cross-platform, however)

have you tried platform?

Hi Melih,

No i haven’t! Will try (if i get any time soon…)

However, since i got a reply from you directly and since this is something that i wanted to say for a long time, here it goes:

It is amazing for a user to get a reply directly from a CEO on a forum. While any other guy would tend to think of you as a “CEO close to people and as so it must be a regular person” just like anyone else, it is in this “details” that i do believe it is shown how great CEO (and person) you must be and how FAR AHEAD you are from most other CEO’s. I also believe it is in part thanks to this attitudes, your management’s abilities and a great team behind you that Comodo is the great software it is today.

So, thank you for this, for your reply and for the amazing team Comodo has! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words. I am just a techie building products that people will love…and lucky to have an amazing team behind me with Comodo.

Totally agree,this would be very useful