free or not? [RESOLVED]

the web site seems to say that i-vault is free, but the user guide (page 14) says it is a 30 day trial after which you must purchase a license. Which is correct?


The I-Vault license is free.

Thanks for letting us know about the PDF, I will ask our developers to correct this.



When you download i-Vault you get a 30 Day trial after that you must register which is free of charge.

On my install, it said that I have licence for 365 days…
so what happens after 365 days…does it expire and not work…must I have to again register it…if so,
How exactly?


Yes you will need to register again after the 365 day license expires, just register as if you were downloading i-Vault again, i-Vault is a free product and I have not heard of any plans on charging for the service in the future.

We are in the process to comeup with a release that will automatically convert 365 days i-vault license to lifetime one, just like it is done in case of comodo firewall.