Free or not Free!

I want to make ZTL for free!

I believe its a bloody good product and will gain momentum in businesses and this will lead to other sales once businesses trust their infrastructure to ZTL.

I am all for making it free!

any objections?


Yes a free product would be good, but Comodo could make a good amount of money off of this product if they were to charge for it. If it were my choice I would keep charging some money for it, but that is just my opinon. Comodo needs an income to support its free product development doesn’t it?


I love your philanthropic style. ZTL is very easy to use and a minimal learning curve for routine tasks.

I guess I belong to a new class of people where we believe both parties should benefit in any transaction!

And giving valuable products for free to certain segments will get Comodo brand out there, get following, and give valuable product/service to the segment who really could do with it and will appreciate it.

For example: ZTL is perfect for small to medium enterprises. It is this segment who does not necessarily have all the IT infrastructure or resources to setup their back-end infrastructure. With ZTL they can do that very easily!

In return, again in a Comodo fashion, we want to gain their trust and hope that they will buy our other services/products.

This seems totally logical to me and see no reason why we shouldn’t do it!

Going, Going, Gone!!! :slight_smile:


Well… I’ve just placed my first ZTL installation in a client location for their evaluation. It’s a small real estate firm. Well… they represent about 100M in sales annually, but the staff is small.

I’m confident they’ll like it. And they will need a certificate too, so Comodo wins anyway ;D

Great to hear!

they also might need faxing solutions and would be ideal for them :wink:


Yes, they do need fax capability. I’ve been trying to wean them for 7 years now (I tend to stay with clients), but they’re steadfast in the fax requirement because of perceived legal advantage during contract negotiation and review. I’m sure they’ll keep the existing fax machine for sending signed documents, but faxing directly from an application is more efficient than printing and faxing and I could finally get rid of (GAAK!) WinFAX.

If I have time, I’ll look at Trustfax this weekend.

What I really like about Trustfax is that it has the ability to fill the PDF online and even let you put your signature.
So it means when u receive a form for you to fill, sign and return, you no longer have to print it! :slight_smile:



Well in that case Melih I have seen the light, I agree with you 100% about making it free. Also where is the ZTL homepage? Can’t seem to find it where I go it is still saying about the beta.

here it is


Lol I guess I was at the main website page. Is ZTL still a beta?

nope… full version now…


Then why does the site only advertise the beta?

cos its not been updated


Ok, lol.

Hey Melih,

I wonder what was the end of the story… Do you plan to release a free version? According to this page →, i’m confused.

Thanks for your time,


of course we are :slight_smile:

you must be pyschic!

today we were discussion the launch date etc :slight_smile:


Hi Melih, I understand your thought on this but my goodness, something like this for FREE? I am ■■■■ near speechless and as you know, that is no small task! I almost feel like it’s taking advantage of Comodo. :o I won’t question your money making abilities as that scrub Justin did :wink: :smiley: I know you of all people know how to make decisions like this but FREE? This?? Melih, have you had anything to eat in a while? Is someone at the office spiking your coffee?? Wow. Ok. I am now speechless.


oh dear… did I say ZTL…
■■■■… i meant CPF for free :slight_smile:


ROFLMAO!! :smiley: