Free internet TV software

I’m looking for a good free internet TV software to entertain besides browsing comodo forum :slight_smile:

Tried few online TV sites but either too slow or broken links (:AGY)
TV-Links which is listed in “collection of free useful programs” thread is a gud one

But wonder whether a software which download the stream to host is any better?

Haf tried Chinese PPstream to watch all movies by Stephen Chow and amazed by its speed.

heard quite lot of noise fr Joost wen it was launched but quiet rite now, not sure how it goes…
EasyTV is another one i came across, but looks not outstanding.

So anyone haf xperience pls giv suggestion. (:HUG)

Thanx :wink:

I’ve never used it but some friends adviced me Joost

Hope it works for you


aladinonl ,
another site you might want to try is VeohTV. Not as many choices as Joost but still additional choices. For some reason I prefer full shows and not the 5 to 30 minute shorts.

The other day found myself watching a movie from Japan and another from Korea. On Joost last week I found some early serial westerns. 30 minute westerns where Zoro was a female. Unfortunately there were several episodes missing.


oh thanx, i heard abt Veoh lots of times but dun kno why havnt visit its website. Will try both Joost and Veoh. But not dis time tho :slight_smile: now uni projects time is squeezin’…

There is also miro

thanx, this thing looks interestin’.
a media player, internet TV, HD TV, video downloader, Bittorrent r all-in-1.

But Im not sure a too versatile app can do a best job.

Like Opera is best browser (for me) but its download manager and Bittorrent downloader cant compare to Free Download Manager (FDM) and BitComet (BC).

FDM does a gr8 job as a basic download manager but incorporated video downloader and torrent downloader cant compare to VDownloader and BC.

BC also has download manager but cant compare to FDM.

If you’re unsure just try it - it is open source.

A simpler app. - and one that desn’t seem to need Windows Media Player - is AnyTV. I’ve used it only once, so don’t know if it’s of much use.