free firewall auto updated to 7.0.315459.4132 and now keep getting popups

Yesterday afternoon my Comodo Free Firewall did the automatic update and when when I turned on the pc this morning I had a widget in the upper right corner (which I was able to figure out how to get rid of) but I keep getting little popups in the bottom right corner about different things regarding comodo. How do I disable those popups?

I found information at but when I open up my firewall icon and finally found the firewall option there is nothing for firewall behavior settings so that I can select to not show those popups. How do I do this on the new version?

Thank You

Same here. super annoying

These options don’t help?
Remove a necessary marks.

thanks for posting that, managed to sort it out.

For anyone having problems

Open COMODO > click Tasks > advanced tasks > open advanced settings 8)

Thanks for that information ~ one more question… I don’t mind having the pop-up screen/window that appears asking me if I want to allow something (such as when I am clicking on a specific application to install) - especially since I keep my firewall set up to safe mode. I still want those messages - it is just the ones that are not related to those items that I want to eliminate. So…do I want to remove the check mark from the “show messages from the comodo message center” or the “show notifications messages”

Thanks Again!
This window isn’t related to notifications at installation of appendices.

......(such as when I am clicking on a specific application to install)....
For notifications at installation there are other options. Such as in this window. If I correctly understood your question.

Thanks for the help… not sure exactly which ones I checked off but I am not longer getting the ads (that or they just stopped sending them) but I am still getting the notices about allowing something when I want to install software and such.
Thanks Again!

Most likely Comodo Message Center.