Free e-mail certificate vs Commercial Certificate

Hello! What the difference between Free e-mail certificate and Commercial Certificate?
May i use free e-mail certificate with my business email address? In the ‘License Agreements’ i can’t find any restrictions.
Thank you.

The free certificate is free for personal use and is only validated by responding to an email that we send to that email address. This certificate also shows “PERSONA NOT VALIDATED” in the certificate in itself. (For the most part this is hidden from plain sight.) You can use a public email provider such as your ISP, GMAIL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

The paid/commercial certificate you must own the domain and we do full organizational validation on the order. (which means we use 3rd party information to prove the entity exists) These certificates can also be used for Client Authentication, which are commonly referred to as Dual-Use Certificates. You can not use a public email provider as you can like the Free certificate.

Thank you for clarification of interest to many users. I request for more.

  • What are the implications of “PERSONA NOT VALIDATED” in the certificate?
  • What are the differences in “legal sanctity” of Free e-mail certificate –vs- Commercial Certificate?
  • I would be very much obliged if there is any specific reply with reference to Indian law.

Gentle prompt to experienced users or moderator to kindly respond. Thanks.

Unfortunately, we’re not lawyers and thus can not provide legal advice. The best thing to do is to consult a Lawyer in India in regards to whether Digital Signatures are legally acceptable or if there is a standard that must be met.

If you’re using a digital signature for anything other than PERSONAL use, then you must obtain the proper Commercial certificate. (provided you own a domain, which if you are in business today it is pretty much a must.)

Thanks for reply. I use FREE digital signature for my personal gmail account.

I would be glad even if implications of “PERSONA NOT VALIDATED” are discussed in the context of any country.

In case someone is aware of URL link to similar discussion elsewhere please share. Thanks.

@Comodo: From a licensing point of view your answer was not clear for me … Could you please reply to the question if it is fine from a licensing point of view to use the free email certificate for my company email account or not.

(I am totally aware of the security issues which may come along using the free certificate!)

Thanks in advance