Free Comodo Internet Security Premium wants me to buy a license

I use the free version of Comodo Internet Security Premium for my home pc, I am retired. Comodo was recommended to me by my nephew and has done the job without being intrusive until now.

Since today I am getting a “Needs Attention” and yellow band on Comodo. It tells me I need to buy/activate a new license. Clicking on any of the links takes me to a secure page to buy the Profefssional version, which I do not want.

Please advise me, step-by-step, on how to fix this. I am concerned that my computer is no longer secured by Comodo. This is quite disconcerting. I am not computer savvy.

Thanking you in advance.


First lets establish what version of CIS you’re using, please go to the main window of CIS and then look in the upper-left corner, does it say “COMODO Internet Security Premium” or “COMODO Internet Security Pro”? The former would be the free version and the latter would be the paid version.

For COMODO Internet Security, you get the same protection from the free version as you do the paid version, the main difference is that in the paid version you get access to GeekBuddy which is essentially a form of support I guess (I use free version myself)

Next please take a screenshot of the main CIS window and attach it to your next reply, if you want to that is, if you don’t want to do that then you can check yourself if Anti-Virus, Firewall and Auto-Sandbox is set to anything other than disabled; if they are set to anything except disabled then that means that they are enabled and protecting you.

If the above shows that everything is enabled and you’re using Premium, then I don’t know what the issue is or how to fix this, perhaps someone else has a better idea of what is going on but if not then I will still try to help you as best I can.


Uninstall GeekBuddy.

Hi Sanya.

Thank you for replying - as clearly stated in the original post, I am using Comodo Internet Security PREMIUM - the free version.

PDF attached with a screenshot of CIS.

Awaiting further response. This is not resolved.

Again thanking for any assistance in advance.

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Follow up - here is a screen capture of the Tooltip showing that the CIS Premium needs to have an activated license to continue using the product - please notw, it has been installed for over a year.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Regarding the first screenshot “CIS capture.pdf” is that screenshot 100 percent(ish) representative of how CIS looks to you? If so, then it looks like the whole GUI is messed up, signaling something may be wrong with the installation.

I don’t know what’s going on with the license issue, CIS Premium is free and shouldn’t require a license in that sense, however you do need a “free license” that is activated upon installation, although that is all automatic and not time limited so unless it’s corrupt somehow it shouldn’t cause any issues. First I’d suggest you try the diagnostics, Open the main CIS window and then click the question mark in the upper right, then click Support > Diagnostics and see if that finds anything. If not I would suggest you try what L.A.R. Grizzly suggested, please try uninstalling GeekBuddy from the control panel (It’s not of much use anyway if you don’t have the paid version) and then reboot and see if the issue is gone, if uninstalling GeekBuddy doesn’t work then I would recommend you re-install CIS to see if that fixes it.

Edit: Also it does indeed seem like CIS is not protecting you at the moment since all modules are set to “Disabled”