"Free" Comodo ESM limitations?

Are there any limitations to the 5 user free ESM? is there a trial day limit?
Also - Must they be connected to a physical network (or Hamachi\ComodoVPN) - Or can this work across the internet.

The reason being, I Want to secure my 4 family’s PC’s. My brother, My sisters and her daughter and my grand parents.

We do not all live under the same roof so It would be good if we do not have to be apart of a physical network.

AFAIK, there are no limitations on the 5 user CESM, as far as functionality or time.

They do need to be physically connected, either on a domain or workgroup. It pulls computer listings from Active Directory (even for workgroup), but I am not 100% certain if AD has to be present.

I do not believe it will work for your scenario; your recourse (for managing their configurations) is to establish remote access to their systems and manually check that way.



Hi Kyle,
Certainly free 5-endpoints license doesn’t have any other limitations.
And only requirement to manage PC’s over internet is:
ESM Central Service has to be accessible from endpoints by name.
You’ll need to prepare installer package for your endpoints and install ESM agents on their PC’s.
So - only you need to make sure your PC is achievable from their ones by name.

Even If you have no DNS record for your PC I’ll provide you with little trick to install ESM Agents basing on IP address of your PC. In this case you’ll need persistent IP address for your PC.

Waiting for your response.

Agree with Slava.

Kyle, think what you are looking for is definitely possible through ESM. Certainly the endpoints do not have to be in the same physical network. As long as the central service (assume your PC) can connect to the endpoints (all family member’s machines) it should work fine. The endpoints do not necessarily have to part of AD as well.

Awaiting your response.


Hello, Thank you for the response.
I’ll start off by Testing a spare PC I have beside me with ESM (Then later a remote pc )… I only have a couple hours online avalible at the moment… But I’ll gett going hopefully we can get this to work. I’d be more than happy to document the steps needed once we get this working. Could be useful to a lot of families…

Hello, Kyle.

Trie ESM 1.5 https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-endpoint-security-manager/new-esm-151-has-been-issued-t55562.0.html.

It support “offline” mode for RM CIS and has many new useful features.