Free co-branding of COMODO Firewall Pro released!!

Hi Everyone,
We are very pleased to announce that COMODO Firewall Pro can be co-branded for free now :slight_smile:

Please visit following url to sign up:

Few points:

  1. Setups received through this will have co-branded version as 3.0.18.X, where X is build count which keeps incrementing for every new build.

  2. All the binaries used in this setup are the same, which were released with version Any future updates will be available to these setups also and will maintain co-branded status of it.

  3. 64-setups received through this won’t be compressed, so size of those will be approximately 49.7 MB (52,162,808 bytes). Just in case you wonder why 64-setup size has increased through this. We will rectify this by monday or before.


EDITED on 23-Feb-2008

64-bit setup size received by users should be around 30 MB, it has been fixed.

Hey umesh,

If someone develops a custom skin for CFP, can it be incorporated into the setup, or does it have to be “bolted on” afterwards?

Ewen :slight_smile:

What should the average joe put in it if they have no company?

The name they want to appear as “Provided By” :SMLR

at the moment, it has to be bolted on.


What about “moment + 1”?

Possible in future or not yet considered?

Ewen :slight_smile:

tnx (:CLP)

Eventual future updatings will have to be again requests?

Wow, how did you manage to make this all automated? The script that makes this would have to be able to read and recompile the source of cfp to include the new skin during installation.


Just downloaded my CO-Branded Firewall. Provided by the Emperor (:CLP)

Distribute your co-branded firewalls guys!


Hi Ewen,
As now user can export skin as .skn format. In future we may provide an optional input during signup to take this .skn file, which will be built into setup and upon installation will be the default theme.

As we are polishing the skinning tool and also CFP for that, you can expect this feature by March end.
So you should be able to have everything customized not just name.


You da man Umesh!

I have a question about Co-Branding Comoodo Firewall Pro and my question is: when the firewall is is updated will it still be Co-Branded or will it have to be reco-branded again and any ideas?

it wil still be branded

Thank you. (R)

Comdoo Firewall Pro
Provided By: Ragwing Inc.

How cool doesn’t that sound? :o

Comdoo? Comodo is doo doo?

Ive posted this question in Help for v3, No response lol… Anyway:

When a new update comes for CFP 3, and you have your Co-branded CFP installed, Will you need to co-brand again? What if auto updates don’t work and you need to uninstall and reinstall new version?


Josh, have a look at 4 posts ago:

As far as if you manually uninstall and install CFP, that I don’t know. It would probably be dependent on a registry key(s) or files in one of the user profile directories.

Didn’t see that!

Thanks :slight_smile: