free-clone trustconnect

does it exist a free tool like trustconnect ?

CyberGhost VPN 5

does these one do the same job (with the same level/security of encrypted data ?
What is your advices or your choice ?

Is trust connect from Comodo better ?
Are they working for Nsa when their servers are in the usa ?
Do you know a free clone of trustconnect-comodo that i can trust in ?


Personally, I use CyberGhost. However, SecurityKISS seems good as well. For more information please see my discussion here.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Thank you for your fast answer.
i read the reviews and different choices from different sites … my purpose is to obtain a secure wifi a

and (i was disconnected during i wrote :a0 ) be able to use it outside (airport, hotel, spot …) and inside (home) as a shield against spying. So it is not only nsa ; it is also everyone too much curious of the activity and private life … without any respect …of the others. Knowing that servers in the usa can be compromised if companies have agreement with the government (hotspotshield = server us ! right ? ) ; i will give a try to Cyberghost this week.

My question was yet asked on a different post yesterday :
how to configure vpn (Cyberghost) with dns comodo + Comodo internet security ?

A suggestion will be - perhaps - an automatic rule for vpn included with CIS.
A new version is coming (7) so maybe all that is yet done.

I am speaking about secured wifi with Cyberghost - as a free clone of trustconnect - accessing to the blocked sites , surfing anonymously are another subjects (another post i mean)…

Will ipv6 bring a “+” in the vpn connections ?
Will Comodo team intend on to implement it with CIS ?
i suppose that more adress are possible ; less it is easy to know who, when, where, why … so faster and safer are the connections.


I do not use Comodo DNS, but I do use CIS and Cyberghost together. With the two of them I’ve never needed to make any special rules to get it to work. I think this is because the Cyberghost files are already flagged as safe by Comodo. In fact, I’ve used it with both V6 and V7 Beta with no issues with either.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for you answer.

Ok : so it works on together without special rules in Cis 6 (flagged as safe by comodo) so my question and suggestion are solved !
i will install Cyber this night.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Is version 7 compatible with ipv6 ?
Does ipv6 bring a better anonymous and safe link :
in wifi conections ?
using vpn ?
with CIS ?

If ipv6 is done for normalize the internet rules from consortium orders, and only for that ; it is a pity …


Yes, but you have to manually enable filtering of IPV6.

I’m not sure, but my understanding is just that it is a different type of connection. I’m not sure if it’s really any better or worse. However, I am not sure and hopefully someone else can answer this more in depth.



cyberghost does not work for me ; i will try securitykiss tomorrow.

Can you let me know what is wrong with Cyberghost? I am using the paid version, but if there is something wrong with the Free version I may want to update my advice.


Free version (my purpose is to protect my wifi-connection) of a vpn (free-clone of trustconnect) :

About SecurityKiss, i posted a ticket.
About Cyberghost, installation is perfect.
About Hotspots shield, i did not take it (usa server).

All explications are on their site.

Nothing is wrong with " free version ".
So paid version are also high quality and even more secure and certainly with a great and fast support : paid version is the real and serious choice to do when you choose a vpn.

I am not every day in a hotel, in a vpn-area or hotspot wifi, at the airport, or in another room with a WiFi-connection … so a free version is a good choice.

I will answer better in few hours or few days at your questions more deeply.


Free version x 64 - windows 8

Ok - i received an answer from support of securitykiss … and it was not my question …
Do their support read the ticket ?
When you download securitykiss, no editor allowed - unknown ! (my ticket).

So Comodo firewall asks if you wish given a limited or a full power for this one.
Choose Full.
Limited (default) does not allow a good install.
Does it work ?
It does !!!
And very nicely !

When you download Cyberghost, install is perfect and you feel to be in a better secured area but :
is it a blink-blink appearance for giving to the user an illusion of quality and work ?

Cyberghost does not work here or for my computer or because i chose dns comodo (? i do not really understand why it should be dns comodo the problem ???) or because my search engines are duckduck, ixquick, startpage, googleencrypted or because it is censured /hacked / or because my start page is in https …
… cannot establish the connections …
Another bad news if uninstall is also perfect, the tapev9 (openvpn) stay on the computer and … i go to the site of securitykiss and i see MY IP … it is the first time that i see a ip so accurate on a site ; usually, relays permit a ip very far of your real geolocation. So, avoid surfing without vpn or proxy (Ixquick or Anonymous add-on) if you like or need an anonymous identity.
About Romania (Cybergost is from romania - latin country), i cannot speak a lot ; but if you must choose a really very high security level of connections : take a paid version of Cyberghost.
A good vpn must offer a support and help with a great choice of servers - and this quality has a price.

SecurityKiss is from ireland and like you do not know ; i like islanders ; their love for keeping their own identity is an old battle from Japan to Corsica since a so long time … so these countries know the price of the freedom/privacy.
And i try a server from ***** : it did not work. i will try again tomorrow. i will test the settings of the start page - icedragon (language) - maybe with a language = to the server ; the connections could be ok …
Test means you must try and prove it : none error can be accepted. So i try before deciding and not make my own opinion … my opinion will be mature in few months or years not now : the first try/day of the install vpn tool.

But i have a little point of view :
These both tools are a must because they are not coming from America so they well balance the privacy problem.
A vpn is also like a close folder put on a desk ; it is always better that no body be allowed to know that you are doing of your life.

My goal is only protecting a wifi connection : of course, a couple of cpl (at home) could do that but it is expensive. Anyway, at the airport or at the hotel, i do not understand how i could use a cpl so vpn is the right way.

My preference is going to securitykiss because it is working for the real life on the net - paradox ? no , competence and serious work.