Free Cis update

The comodo Free Cis antivirus update is not working. Everything else works fine, except the antivirus update function. I also couldn’t download the latest Cis from your website because the download link is not working. I’ve got version 3.5.57 from a third party hosting site. My virus signature database is 668, but i can’t update it. Everything else is working just fine. Is this a server issue or it is just my ISP?

Another possibility is that you are infected with Conficker.C malware, as it contains the name of numerous anti-malware vendors and prevents a connection to them. This effectively prevents updates to installed anti-malware applications.

You can download the latest release from

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi redzo,

Comodo stopped releasing virus definition updates for version 3.5 when version 3.8 came out. Upgrading to version 3.8 will solve your problem.


Thank you all for your answers! It seems that panic was right… I was struggling to fix the problem:

  • I downloaded a lot of tools( including bitdefender’s removal tool ) but from third party sites since their official webstites are blocked;
  • I’ve scanned my system with every possible removal tool that i could find for conficker;
  • They’ve all found something and they’ve removed it. I checked that even by scanning once again with every tool. The strange thing is that after every system reboot they find the same thing over and over again.
    I still cannot access windows update nor the major security websites. I managed to access microsoft’s site by surfing anonymously using a webservice and I downloaded their malicious software removal tool and microsoft’s fix for conficker . The result was just the same. :frowning:
    The last thing that I’m going to do before formatting my OS partiton is to take my hard-drive and scan it from another computer with an antivirus up to date and see if that works. The only explanation that i can find is that it may be a modified version of conficker, otherwise i can’t explain why those tools weren’t able to remove it after detection.
    Once again. Thanks for your answers! I wish you a good day!

JimBell was also right. Even if you get your system clean from Conficker, you will get no AV definition updates for version 3.5 of CIS because version 3.8 uses a different database format and 3.5 is no longer supported.