Free AV & Zero-Day Protection

Which Free AV do you think has working Zero-Day Protection? i.e They react at times & not just sit relaxing in GUI doing nothing. Which is quite good/decent according to you?

Dont add Comodo here, its ahead of times :slight_smile:

I find …

Free AVG’s Identity Protection which is its Behaviour Blocker quite good. It reacts & reacts quite a good times.

Free Rising’s Trojan Defense which is its Behaviour Blocker is decent but gives False Positives at times.

Free Avast’s Behaviour Shield at its current state is not protective & thus does nothing. AutoSandbox reacts quite a decent times.

Free UnThreat - Behaviour Blocker does nothing.

Free MSE - Behaviour Blocker does nothing.

Note - Does nothing & never reacts means atleast in my tests they did nothing, never reacted.

I think AVG has quite a good Behaviour Blocker for Zero-Day protection among Free AV’s?

Whats your opinion?