Free application for FW and AV?


I see that Comodo offers a free FW application (cfw_installer.exe) and a free AV application (cav_installer.exe), and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it OK to install both? I guess the answer is yes, but I want to check before proceeding
  2. Is there a free combo so that I don’t have to download and install two installers?

Thank you.

PS: I have a bonus question : Is it really possible to remove a virus when it has infected Windows system files?


Yes, most users do that successfully.

Yes, the free combo is the Comodo Internet Security Premium.

If you mean healing a Windows system file, i.e. remove the virus and leave the cured file alive then CIS cannot do this - it just deletes an infected file. I do not know if the Comodo Cleaning Essential can do this, may be other guys can say about the CCE.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t find an “Internet Security Premium”. I guess you meant Internet Security".

So when a system file is infected, it looks like the options are:

  • fetch a reliable and not too old Windows Recovery
  • format the HD and reinstall Windows from scratch

Why not install a backup & recovery software, they are free ones available? And then do regular backup of the system drive and restore a previous image of the system in case of infection.

Yes, Comodo Internet Security, but here.

Hi littlebigman,
All installers have the same capabilities after install whether it be the Antivirus/Firewall you will have the option without downloading another installer.

Go to the Start menu>Comodo>Comodo internet security>Add/remove components>Next>Change (See Screenshot) and tick the components you require then click next to continue.
Alternatively go to the Control panel Add/remove programs and proceed from there.

Note: It is recommended to run both components from the same installer.

Edit: Typo.

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