Free Account - Import CSV Blacklist Option Taken Away

I run a small business with only a couple of email addresses, but my inboxes were flooded 10 to 1 with spam. I found Comodo, and after a few weeks of importing and blacklisting the worst offenders, my inboxes became usable again. It was great.

Since the upgrade, though, that option has been taken away. Now to blacklist spammers I need to do it one at a time, a horribly time consuming endeavor filled with pain in the assness.

I really honestly do appreciate the free service, and I can see how on some level taking options away might make free customers become paying ones. I get it. But I don’t think the relationship is one sided. I think the free customers serve as beta testers, and provide Comodo with valuable real-time feedback.

I hope you reconsider this. It’s made email managment hard again.


I have sent you a PM.

Kind regards,