Free 10 GB online storage space for each user?

Hello i downloaded and installed Comodo Backup planning on backing up stuff to online storage as i found on official comodo site that theres Free 10 GB online storage space for each user.
My problem is that im getting 0 bytes space free out of 0 bytes on so if anyone could explain me whats going on? am i doing something wrong or?



I’d like to know the answer to this as well.

Not sure whether you get a 10GB trial free for 90 days, or whether it is just totally free.
On the drop down shows 2 prices, not free, so confusing.

Hopefully someone can answer, free or not?



The only possibility to create free 10GB accounts is trough the 90 days 10 GB free subscription.



Thanks for the reply.

IMHO, this is counterintuitive.
Maybe the site needs an FAQ section to explain more.


Counter-intuitive? Some might say deceptive. Is this a free account or only a 90-day free trial? There is a difference. Comodo’s marketing and assertions on this very site state that the 10GB account is free without mention of a 90-day limitation. For example:

"How much does Comodo Cloud cost?
Comodo Cloud online storage is available in the following plans

    100 GB $79.95/year* or $7.99/month
    200 GB $149.95/year* or $14.99/month
    500 GB $349.95/year* or $34.99/month
    10 GB Free Account
    *2 months FREE included in 1-Year Plan

What’s the difference between paid and free plans?
With the paid package, you get oceans of storage space (from 100, 200 or 500 GB) and premium support for your purchase.

The free package has 10 GB space which will be OK if you don't plan to backup much data. However, most users today will want to regularly back up all their documents, emails, videos, photographs and more - a volume of data that typically runs to well in excess of 50 GB. Comodo Cloud is designed to comfortably accommodate these requirements by providing 100 GB online storage for just $7.99 per month (or get two months free included in 1-Year Plan for $79.95).

Both free and paid online storage accounts can be accessed using all of our software - Comodo Cloud client the cCloud Web interface, handheld apps, and Comodo Backup."

Just be straight with the public.

Stiletto, I ended up with the same problem as you–no space available! I opened and activated an account and downloaded and installed both the Comodo Backup and the CCloud software. I also tried to “purchase” the 90-day free 10GB deal via the link supplied by Emanuel, which requires entering credit card information and agreeing to be charged at the end of the 90 days if you don’t cancel. The site told me I could not buy the trial product! This is crazy. A senior Comodo executive and a good lawyer need to review everything on the various Comodo Backup and CCloud web pages to make sure that that all offers and statements are internally consistent and explained clearly. As for me, I guess I have no choice but to uninstall the software, delete my account, and write off the hours I have spent trying to figure all of this out.

Please provide me the username you used for signup, so we can check what happened. You can send me a private message, if you don’t want to post it here.


The issue happened because you already have a free subscription. You need to signup with a different email address for 90 days 10GB free.


Seems ridiculous that you have to have a different email address for variations of the same product.

Why can’t the system/product handle a single email address for all products?


Emanuel, thank you for your offer of help. I sent you a PM with more information. So far as I know, I had no free subscription or other relationship with Comodo before starting the signup process on January 16. If I have free space available, I can’t find it or use it.

Hello everyone and thanks for clearing this up for me, i found solution to problem: Unistall! i dont expect to get stuff for free but i was clearly deceived into thinking il get that 10gb storage for free.

I finally was able to sign up for the 10 GB 90-day free trial by signing in to my Comodo account online, selecting the “Comodo Online Storage” tab, and then selecting the “Upgrade account” link. After the 90 days is over, if I have not canceled, I will be charged $2.79 every three months. Comodo also offers a yearly option for $8.99. We will see if the service is worth it.

I’m still disappointed that Comodo touts but does not offer a truly free option. I’m also baffled by the profusion of different descriptions, representations, gateways, links, and other madness on Comodo’s backup and cloud web pages. Comodo should clear all of this up for its own benefit and for the benefit of its potential customers. offers 10 GB of free storage for life. Then there is MEGA which gives 50 GB of free storage. SurDoc gives you 100 GB of free storage for one year and then $30 per year afterwards. I hope this helps you. :slight_smile: