Freature request: open bookmarks in a new tab option

I really love Dragon, it allowed me to move from Firefox. However, please add an option in the settings:

“Open bookmarks in a new tab”

This is a feature I miss, all bookmarks in Chrome open in the current active tab. Usually you don’t want to replace content there. Adding this will also attract more users to Dragon as many users really miss this feature in all other Crome builds.

Hi Dicks,
Currently you can right click a bookmark and choose open in new tab from the drop down menu.

Yes, I know. Also the option with middleclick. However, from what I read on the Google forums most people want bookmarks to open in a new tab as default behaviour. Would be absolutely AMAZING if you could add this :).

I will move this to the wishlist for you.

Apologies, that is where I should have posted it. Thank you for moving.

Your welcome. :slight_smile: