Can you check next files?

Hi Siketa,

We are going to check these and remove detection if necessary.


Waauuvv good findings Siketa :smiley:

This site seems a great source for finding FPs thanks :slight_smile:

You welcome, guys! :slight_smile:
Some of these are maybe fixed already but it does not hurt to do a double check.

I added this site it to my list :wink: we definitely need to handle all “Comodo Security Detections”.

I added too, and scan with this program and looks Comodo finds my IDM as a Heur.Suspicious…I checked the hash on VT it is safe…I think they use the old signatures ?? anyone confirm ?
Yes many of them are not categorized, “UnclassifiedMalware” :smiley:

Maybe this web based scanner is not updated…

You can see database version that detected it.

I just checked again and they are using the “16792” number database :-TD

Hi Siketa,

This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <17459> of Comodo Internet Security Version<6.3.302093.2976> and confirm it.

Best regards