found out why windows store and metro were not opening

Hi, sorry took so long to get back to you was away do not know if you solved the problem I wrote earlier but if not I found out why when downloading ccav all goes well except when you try to go into metro windows store or use your camera it is the sandbox you have checked by default sandboxed all default programs if you uncheck that and go to and check alert all for trusted files all is working fine all metro and programs open. perhaps you should change this before all new users will go crazy with complaints hope it helps I must say for a beta I feel no slow downs at all. full scan time could be better and I read about adding maybe a firewall or firewall booster would be nice and I would pay for the new ccav I still believe that in the final release you need to show the user that there up to date with the latest definitions and they are protected, I can not wait to try the next release on my everyday computer.

                                                                                                                                                hope it helps