Forum update available adding full compatibility for PHP 5.5

I learned today that a post was made in January on the forum for Simple Machines Forum saying that version 2.0.7 had been released. While I don’t want to start creating a new topic every time a new bug fix is released if it hasn’t been applied here yet, I noticed that the post said that the update adds full compatibility for PHP 5.5. I’m unsure if that’s important here or not so I decided to create this topic.

I also read that version 2.1 is in development. Either way, I wasn’t sure if the person or persons who are responsible for updating the forum software knew or not about the version 2.0.7 update or that version 2.1 is in development, so I decided to create this topic.

I should think they know considering every time they log in a screen displays this :slight_smile:

When or if it will be updated and by whom is another question :slight_smile: