Forum to Site

If I am in forum & want to visit Comodo site, how can I jump from forum to site? I could not find how to go to Comodo site from forum.


You won’t come to comodo’s homepage but you will come to if you press on firewall that is on the bottom of the thread.

I think it would be good if one can easily jum from the forum to the site & viceversa.


Hi Naren. If I am interpreting your question right, just have another Tab open with the site on one and the Forum on the other then you can jump back and forth like a yoyo. Have numerous Tabs and numerous sites if required. Kind regards.

Greeting all,

Sure it would be nice having discussed link in more clear way,
but what I always used is:

Click on the red “Comodo Authentic & Secure” Logo at the bottom right;

Then in the displayed window there is a link at the bottom under the
© Copyright. Data provided by IdAuthority™

, which brings you to the home page

That’s not very convenient and obvious for new users, but – it’s just two clicks away for those who knows :wink: