Forum suggestions

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  1. Say I am viewing a certain forum thread, and I log-in to the forum. I am automatically re-directed to the forum main page. It would be nice if I was re-directed to the page I was viewing.

  2. On the forum search page, when I am typing in the search box, the forum does a sort of wiggle left and right, like something is trying to resize in a weird way.

  1. The forum is using SMF 2.0.7 so don’t know if that’s an option. The current version is 2.0.18 and still don’t know if that’s an option, but would be a nice feature if it can be enabled ?

  2. No problems here. Good Luck !

As far as features and usability go, is really nice. I don’t know anything about the differences in security. I know the comodo forums were hacked a while back, so maybe they are using SMF for security reasons.

Simple solution:

When logged out and viewing a thread open a new browser tab and log in. Then perform a browser reload of the thread page that you were viewing and voila you’re logged into the thread.

Yeah, I have just been hitting the back button and then refreshing after logging in, but thought it was a bit ridiculous for such a big company to have such limited forum aspects.


Big company but a small wallet perhaps? :wink:

Free software does not fill the wallet.

This inevitably has an impact on developments and services.

They do obtain income from the Enterprise Edition which share the same codebase as CIS.

Last time I checked Comodo AEP/CCS costs 300 USD per endpoint per year and there are large companies implementing it, according to Comodo’s main website. So I would expect their wallets to be filled by that income from Enterprise customers.