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How can you become a forum moderator for Comodo? (L)

By helping out like a moderator would, using the “Report to Moderator” button, and most importantly, not asking.

Actually, we highly discourage using the “Report to Moderator” function; if there are too many of those, Melih uses his “Smite” key to punish us.

We regularly have meetings at Comodo offices in the UK (Melih flies us all in and hosts us in the finest hotels), where we decide each month who to upgrade to Moderator status, and who to evict from the forums entirely (whether any of them want to or not). We must be unanimous in these decisions, or they feed us alive to the resident Komodo dragon.

Just kidding. ;D

The Report to Moderator is primarily for those posts that are obviously/deliberately offensive, abusive, or spam (simple disagreements just don’t count for that). It is also used on occasion to bring attention to an issue that is unresolved.

The Administrators and Moderators monitor user activity/posts/etc and discuss this outside the realm of the public forum, for possible Moderator additions (dependent on user acceptance). There are a number of factors that go into these decisions, including the user’s attitude and ability to respond well to different situations, computer knowledge, product knowledge, time in the forums, etc.

And yes, we like to joke around. :slight_smile:


How ironic, LM. I used the Report to Moderator button to contact Melih and get you the mod status (well, eventually ;D).

So try your luck with that button, willas00 ;).

We usually discuss the moderator candidates for the month in an open jacuzzi.

Perhaps that would fall under the “unresolved issue” subheading… some say “tomato” some say “tomato” (ie, “tomayto, tomahto”)


That’s right. We all have different visions of the perfect world, but arrive at the same conclusion.

PS: Remember to submit an updated resume and cover letter describing your 10+ years in computer networking, willas00. You can use us as references (:WIN).

Once a month we all privately bring up users who we think are responsible of being a moderator, we then vote and the user(s), then the user(s) with the most vote are sent a PM asking if they would like to be a mod, and if they accept they are promoted, if they deny well then nothing happens really, sometimes we will go to the runner up in the votes though.

[ at ] mods

I was going to fly everyone down to Florida for the next meeting :wink:

Your arms are gunna get bloody tired flapping them all the way from down here. And it’s uphill! :slight_smile:

I am always open to bribes

Basically, just be genuine with helping people and technology (Also be careful of PR 88) , I wish i could just be straight forward and people would not take things as insulting, but people take things differently. That is one hard skill to master) :■■■■ .

You’re right :-, I guess I better go buy some tickets for an airplane ;D

id like to become forum mod… need to make sure all my problems are sorted 1st then id be ok :stuck_out_tongue: (:NRD)

I’m sorry, Willas. Since you asked, you won’t get the job (:TNG).

awww no wonder if Zone Alarm have forums need helping lol (JOKE JOKE)

my gd sense of humour :stuck_out_tongue: