Forum logon problem

I have had forum logon problems for a long time. Unsure where to put this as there doesn’t seem to be a forum problems section.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words. See attached screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh that problem… Its very little you can do, you have cough the virus.

Not even a format can help you with this… =(

Ok seriously tho, I don’t believe you are necessary out-logged in when pressing back… Its possible your browser chooses to display stuff from the cache and not the new page with the additional options that should be presented after your log-in. To see if this is the case try to:

  1. Do as you did on picture 1 and 2…
    2)After you’ve been redirected to the start page hit BACK untill you are at the topic you want to post in…
  2. Hit “Refresh” (Ctrl + f5) while you are here…

Still not logged in?

OK, hitting backspace worked. Thanks.

So why can’t they fix this and keep you on the same page?

Sigh, well I thought it worked.

I went to here:;new;topicseen#new

Went to the link in the last post (wishlist). Wanted to read the posts there and add my agreement.

Of course, when I went to the page, I was not logged in again. Clicked the logon button. Got taken to the home page. Pressed the backspace key, which took me back to where I was. But now I am logged out again!

It looks like Comodo forum doesn’t function well in FF browser. Is it somehow dependent on Active-X controls and requires IE?

Is it somehow dependent on Active-X controls and requires IE?

No it’s not. It works fine for me using Opera and there are a few folk here using FF so the browser you use shouldn’t be making any difference.

I believe this is something they will have to fix with some additional code.
When you sign in like you do on that images the info is encrypted and sent to Comodo Forum however here something is forgotten or the previous visited link isn’t sent at all, if so maby this can be seen as a wanted behaviour… Anyhow this page will “wrongly” redirect you to Comodo Forum and ignores what ever page you was signing on from, I experiences this to… However Iam not logged out like you says you are… O0 :-TU

As Luxor said, its not dependant on Active-X… However when I gave it a second thought you need to allow cookies or you will fail to stay logged in…

Please check Tools > Options > Privacy… Make sure you have those boxes where it says “cookies” checked…

Yes, I allow cookies. However, I depend on a cookie management extension called Permit Cookies (

I just tried deleting all Comodo cookies and then came back to the forum but still the same problem.

I tired changing the remain logged in time from forever to 1 hour but that made no difference.

I then tried to logon through IE 8. No problems at all!

So I’d say that the Comodo forum software appears to have some problems with FF or some combination of FF plug-in’s and/or extensions.