Forum IP tracker

Comodo should start IP banning people who makes more than one account on the forums. Cos I really really hate those single poster telling us how they hate CIS every weekend or something. Telling us their opinion is fine, but I am suspious of them making two more more forum accounts just to troll the forums.

If you feel suspicious of any new member for this reason, then just send a PM to a Mod explaining your suspicions, etc.

However, we can and do IP ban people. But, it is a method of last resort that is only applied instantly to persistent and blatant spammers. In all other cases we tend to be much more tolerant & measured in our approach. After all, even trolls have views & feelings. :slight_smile: And, potentially, security needs. ;D


Not all members have fixed IP’s so you risk banning innocent members.

Also an IP may be used by a library or other site for multiple local connections inclusive. Banning an IP would also be harmfull here. Delicate situation banning IP numbers.

lol, I just lost my cool over these ppl.

Omg, stupid wrong button, accidently posted twice.

Here’s a big IP ban mess up that happened with Wikipedia. They had banned a UK person not knowing all the UK traffic goes through a transparent proxy. As a consequence no one in the UK could login and edit the Wikipedia pages for a short while.