Forum inaccessible


For info this day,
Access to the forum is very long from France, here is the test

I can report the same problems with the forum being very slow from here in the UK as well.

Same here in the UK . . . started late yesterday

It’s not faster in Sweden.

Here is the tracert, there is a worry of request (line 10)
Location France


Détermination de l’itinéraire vers []
avec un maximum de 30 sauts :

1 3447 ms <1 ms <1 ms LIVEBOX []
2 19 ms 19 ms 18 ms
3 18 ms 19 ms 19 ms
4 18 ms 18 ms 18 ms []
5 33 ms 32 ms 33 ms
6 50 ms 33 ms 33 ms []
7 32 ms 33 ms 33 ms []
8 53 ms 54 ms 54 ms []
9 55 ms 56 ms 54 ms []
10 * * * Délai d’attente de la demande dépassé.
11 54 ms 55 ms 53 ms []

Itinéraire déterminé.


Very slow loading here on east coast in the US as well.

It was for me last night also, never got logged in. Seems ok right now though

Same here been like that for 2 days.

Now seems to be fine, 10 minutes ago really slow.



To date, the problems of connection to the forum comodo for europe come from ireland & germany see image below

Once connected to the forum navigation is OK
Unfortunately the connection time (40s) is discouraging for now
Thank you to consider



Everything back to normal in the UK, since early morning start. Seems even slightly faster than before the delays started!

The time of access to the forum is correct again
Thank you for taking note
(access is faster than before :-TU)