Forum Comodo out error SQL

Forum not available today in France, database error

Edit: Back since this afternoon 8)

Went down yesterday for several hours in the evening (UK). Was back up early this morning

When the forum just went down yesterday I didn’t see that screen, I just saw a plain blank page having a white background with some black text at the top saying “SMF could not connect to the database” or something like that (I didn’t take a screenshot of that page).
After quite some hours the screen appeared as submitted by Zorkas.

Yes - that’s how it started off with SMF unable to connect to the database after automatic repair! Then the SQL message as it came back up

For information, I manage a forum under SMF identical to that of Comodo, the database is separate from the SMF software written under PHP.
If a problem occurs with the indexes of SQL tables, it is necessary to reindex under PHPAdmin or to use a suitable script.
The SQL server can also be disconnected which generates the message above
SMF is very good besides being free :-TU

"…unable to connect to the database after automatic repair! "

Same thing here in Amerika.

So I take it that the system is down all over. Even customer service because any of the numbers that I call there is no que. So how long will this shut down be since its been down for the last 3 days. Does anyone have a answer. Thanks Chrissy