Former user of Sygate Personal Firewall Pro

I was very upset when I found out about Sygate being bought by Symantec. I used Sygate Pro, not the free version. It had protection against NetBios attacks, IP and MAC spoofing, anti-application hijacking and a host of other nice features. I was looking for a new firewall knowing that Sygate was running out of time. It would eventually be unable to stop new and unknown attacks. I found out about Comodo. I was impressed about it being free but wasn’t so happy about it not having the protective features Sygate Personal Firewall Pro had. I also miss being able to back trace attacks, Active Response and being able to look at my logs by right clicking on the tray icon. Will such features be included in future releases of Comodo? I wanted go to Agnitum Outpost but leak tests weren’t too promising for them.

Hello and welcome to the Comodo Family,

Please post your requests in the WISHLIST. The Comodo developers often go through there looking for useful features to add.

Also Comodo Firewall 3 Alpha is avaliable, if you are interested on information or on testing you can look in the Beta Corner