Format for bug reports

To give us the best chance of resolving the bug, please include the following information with each bug report:

  1. What the problems is
  2. Whether you can reliably reproduce the problem and if so exactly how.
  3. Your Operating System & version (eg XP SP3):
  4. Other Security and Utility Software Installed (eg Norton Internet Security 2009):
  5. Email client & version (eg Outlook 2003):
  6. Email client add-ins (eg Mailbuddy):
  7. Email provider & account type (eg, POP3/SMTP(SSL)):
  8. How you tried to solve it, and what the result was:
  9. Please append memory dumps or screen shots if possible. If zipped, most can be uploaded.
  10. Any other information you think may help
  11. Please edit the title of the post to reflect the bug eg “CAS crashes when importing Outlook contacts”

Many thanks for your help.