Forgotten setings and VERY slow response after latest firewal update.

I updated my machine to ver. 5.3.176757.1236. After rebooting, my system response was so slow I thought it had locked up until I got the first CIS firewall pop-up that it had blocked one of my regular programs. This behavior continued through numerous programs that I had previously set to be allowed.

I was more distressed when the same thing happened to a friend who installed CIS firewall on my recommendation under exactly the same circumstances.

I have no idea what causeed this. Just reporting it in case it really is an issue with CIS firewall.

Comodo firewall does not automatically block the applications (by default). It’s up to you whether you will allow or block opening the file. Did you have any other security software installed?

Thanks for your reply.

I installed the current version as an update over the immediately previous version, not as a fresh installation. I would think it would retain the previous settings. However, the bigger problem is that, unlike any previous version, my entire system seemed to stall for a long time until the first alert finally popped up to ask for approval of the action, and the delay continued through some, but NOT all other previously approved actions.

If it helps, the same thing happened on my friend’s machine. Mine is AMD based, and his is Intel based. Other installed security software on both machines includes Avast AV and SuperAntiispyware and Spybot Search & Destroy anti-spyware, none of which has caused problems with Comodo firewall in the past.

Everything seems to be back to normal on both machines now that I’m past having to reconfirm my lost previous settings. As previously noted, I posted about this in case it helps you and any of your users who encounter the same problem.

Avast could be the problem here. Look under View Defense Events and see if Avast is continuously trying to access cmdagent.exe in memory; then the self protect of CIS will start eating cpu like crazy.

When that is the case add the CIS installation folder to the Avast Exclusions.