Foreign antivirus pop-up reports infection....Spam?

Using updated Comodo Security Suite. Have found a pop-up from the folllowing URL saying that my machine is infected by downloader and other malware. I have’t found where this is hiding on my machine.
My scans are mostly showing no infections. Is this a pop-up that is activated like a scroll-over?

-Malicious Link removed by .FaZio93.-

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Please see this page.

No, It is a rouge that is trying to get you to download it, you may have a virus on your system that alowed you to get this pop up please use super anti spyware and malware bytes and tell me the results.

If it’s popup when you’re surfing that’s only generic popup from website.
Don’t click on it if you aren’t sure.

As a member of the Malware Research Forum, I would like to have this “Malicious Link” where I can help add detection for it. You can PM me or e-mail it to me at

Rhett Trappman