Zonealarm introduces [url=http://forcefield]PC and Mobile Security Software | ZoneAlarm, has someone already tested the beta and if you do please share your comments


Link doesn’t work…

Should be correct; I just verified it.


Yes it works!!!

Well here are my opinions, they don’t seem to give much detail about how this protects you, all they say is that it does protect you… I am a user who likes to know how it protects me, what makes this product different from all the other similar products on the market? They do not answer my questions with those videos or useless descriptions :stuck_out_tongue:

Stick with Comodo, it’s the best :wink:

Zone Alarm forcefield sounds like a min-version of a Sandboxie for your browser if you ask me.

For those who don’t know what a Sandboxie is click here

(Yes sandboxie is safe and free to use ;))