Forced uninstaller tools

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Official Uninstaller that can be used if you can not uninstall Comodo Internet Security, Comodo firewall or Comodo Antivirus from Add/Remove or Uninstall section of Windows.

For 64-Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 1.60 MB (1,688,256 bytes)
MD5: ac45fb246f2fef1a9da5971003afb625
SHA1: b5706204170cb2257914d407ee9640506d579a7c

For 32-Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 1.47 MB (1,543,360 bytes)
MD5: 4ad9e9a5411980dfe8e510194698c2b4
SHA1: 266304cc77ab7549340a0e2ed6f56e7065e99083

Few points:
Before it continues un-installation, it tries to create system re-store point and in case it fails, it will inform user to create before continuing.

It will typically ask for re-boot twice.

If this tool still fails and you still think you have Comodo installed and can’t re-install, we would like you to report bug in bug report section, providing following log files as input in post:

  • You will find log in same folder from where uninstall tool was executed
  • You need to find all logs from Windows temp folder (Windows Key + R and then type in %TEMP%) of following format:
    COMODO *_uninstall.log

It should not be necessary to run it from Windows Safe Mode, but you can if you wish to be sure.

Re-install guidance
I would recommend anyone wishing to use the uninstaller tool to remove CIS traces prior to re-installation of CIS to consult Chiron’s FAQ here.

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