Forced to uninstall Comodo Firewall.... at least for now

After many attempts to solve my issue with configuring CFP (v. without crashing and failing to find help here, I have had to uninstall CFP. I do think the issue is either a conflict of drivers or software on my machine but trying to figure out which driver or which software is a much daunting task I’m not capable of. :cry:

I’ll continue to monitor the Comodo forums to see if someone else has similar issues or if a new version of CFP (with less conflict issues over-all) appears. If it’s a Comodo driver issue, I hope they fix it soon. Until then, I may also consider returning to the last 2.xx version as I did not have nearly the trouble I’ve had with the new one.

Well, it sounds like you gave CFP a fair shot, and I’m sorry to hear you were unable to resolve your issue(s).

Did you try v.273 during any of your attempts? The reason I ask is because I cannot run v.276 on my IBM laptop, yet it is working fine on my much-older Micron desktop system (see my signature for details).

I remember seeing a few of your posts, yet I can’t recall exactly what your security scheme was. If you have now relegated your system to the protection of the Windows Firewall, I would strongly encourage you to reinstall CFP v2.4 since you apparently had far fewer problems with it. Just be sure, as always, to clean up your registry as much as possible.

Either way, thumbs up to you for trying v3. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed soon.

The only problem I’ve had with CFP crashing is what I believe a conflict with Logitech webcam software. Since that’s new and I don’t use it often I stopped it from startup and haven’t had any serious issues with CFP.

D+ can be a pain when you’re doing something new with the pop ups but it’s getting better.


USSS… no, I haven’t tried the 273 version. I’m currently going to wait until next week - I think Comodo is releasing another version but I may be wrong - before deciding on re-installing 2.xx of CFP. For now, I’m running NOD32 Smart Security but I’m not sure I like it and may well uninstall it and go for plain old NOD32 anti-virus. But that’s dependant upon what Comodo has coming.

Hikertrash: mmm… I wonder… I use a logitech mouse. Pretty much any time I try to configure CFP or Defense+ the firewall’s interface shuts down. Same if I try to scroll through any of the CFT or D+ windows. I wonder if there is a driver incompatibility between CFP and Logitech? Although I’d think that if that were the case, there would be many more topics here of this kind of event as lot of people use Logitech mousewares.