For those who have used Dragon and Ice Dragon which is faster?

Well no one told me Ice Dragon had been released! LOL Anyway, I would like to know which browser is faster on a Windows 64 bit system…or is the speed similar? Thank you for any feedback! ;D

Hi Cyberfox007,
Speed test may prove otherwise and this will be forever debated.
IMO it also depends on the system, try and test is the best way.
Personal choice is probably the main factor.

On my older system CID does feel slightly snappier, but on my slightly more powered system the feel is reversed.
Page rendering IMO appears smoother with more of a roll effect in Dragon.

Thank you for your answer captainsticks! I guess I’ll just have to experiment!

At this particular time I am using Waterfox because it is a Native 64-bit Firefox core browser. But, since it is technically an Intel specific browser, I may switch to Pale Moon 64-bit when it’s finally available for the Firefox 15 core. But on another thing, I am a Loyal Comodo user, I WOULD & WILL switch as soon as CID releases a Native 64-bit browser. :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to do so?


Hi rogerg2,
The possibility is there.

Thanks, I do apologize for missing that post.


No apology required, my wording could have been taken two ways. :slight_smile:

No problem whatsoever. I have found with my system that it does not like working with the dual 32/64 bit programs at all. I tried CID but, I use Last Pass and I did see that it was not operational as of yet. Hopefully it will be.

As far as the CD, I use it but, I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 premium, and sometimes it does not work (The Regular Chrome as well) properly.

Let us hope it matures with age and that native 64 bit is implemented in the future.


Well if you use as a means of test (not sure how reliable) then say for me… Dragon scores 97/100 and ice dragon 100/100!

But… Chrome overall just looks nicer, and I have a nice red superman theme, just looks amazing!

Whilst I am trying to instal a gisele theme for firefox (ice dragon) and it just doesnt want to wear it. Stays grey. :frowning:

Subjectively there’s little discernible difference in speed between CID and CD to me. Aesthetically and ergonomically though Ice Dragon is way ahead of Firefox (Chrome is pretty good in these respects so any improvements with Dragon are less noticeable), and that’s before you consider privacy and security advantages.

2 great browsers (if, that is, you ignore the CD fiasco which has now been fixed with I have Dragon as my default although I probably use Ice more.

Then something must be wrong with your Dragon. Dragon gets 100/100.

The Acid3-test is reliable, but it has nothing to do with how fast a browser is. It’s a compliance-test.
Wikipedia: Acid3 - Wikipedia

To test how fast your browser is, go to

To test graphics-performance (WebGL) separately, go to (Same test without WebGL:

I got this for Dragon

Is that good or bad. Says 100/100 . but what about the colors etc in the normal picture ?

Looks very wrong. Here is the reference: The Acid3 Test (Reference Rendering)

I used to always use Firefox browser. But ever since I got on windows 7 ad use a laptop. It goes slow. Chrome works fine though. Sad because I miss No script and FF

Hi AntSunrise,
Searching the Chrome Web Store might give some other alternatives, a couple of examples below.

I actually used to use notscript. I forgot about it. Will give it a go once again . No-script has always been my favorite. But these work pretty well too . I wish I knew why FireFox style browsers are so slow on this laptop. Used to be good on my desktop. When I google firefox running slow on windows 7 a lot of stuff pops up though. Maybe it’s normal. Thanks for the heads up on the add on again .

Hi AntSunrise,
My comments will be debated by some, but from personal experience I find chromium based browsers feel smoother and this in turn makes them faster on more powerful machines .

…li’l ole XP n a 2g chip /w/ 1g ram n Dragon faster even /w/ privalert…