For Firefox Fan(atics)

Plus with IE you don’t have a choice regarding scripts control, cross-scripting, and so on. And the cookie control is not as detailed, either.

Just had to comment. Now I’ll get out of your Opera thread… :wink:


I have found some sites that I cannot log in to with FF (with NS, cookiesafe & adblock) even if I allow every script, image, and cookie. Not sure what the deal is, but it is annoying. I have to use a different browser - even one like Opera, that does block scripts. I think it has something to do with XSS and scripts redirecting the url.

Thus, I say that is a most annoying NoScript issue (afaik, my only one; the rest of it I don’t mind, and don’t find intrusive).


OK. By the way, do you use any browser except for Firefox now? Any Opera at all? Opera in Linux perhaps?


Sure. I use IE7 upon occasion in Windows, for those sites that won’t work even with the User Agent switched to IE. I also have K-Meleon for Windows situations as I mentioned above. I have not used Opera so far (I’m a rebel… :wink: ).

In Linux, if I need to access a site as mentioned above, I’ve used Epiphany. I tried Konqueror, but prefer to leave that just as a file manager (I don’t use browsers to read email, either).


Why Firefox is blocked ;D

Oh my, folks will cry about anything. Theft? Whatever. I don’t use Adblock Plus anyway; I didn’t like it when I tried it. I just want to block popups; NS blocks the content I don’t want. Legit ads still show.


As a German, I imagine Palant simply doesn't understand the America concept of taking risks to stand up for your rights. That would be why the German people so placidly allowed Hitler to turn their nation into his own personal toilet, and we Americans had to rescue the world from their mess.
This guy is beyond comprehension, he is a stupid little man. Had to attack the german people.. GOOD PEOPLE!

I’ve seen that before. What makes it really funny now, I see, is that his method to discover whether you have Adblock or not is dependent on a script. Well, then what if the user has NoScript. ;D

I also didn’t like that he brought up Germany here, it was unnecessary and irrelevant.


Yep! in that site is mentioned that the original writer of Adblock actually left a way to detect adblock and deny access to user using it if the content provider wished to do so.

Those sites may not work at all without scripts.

Anyway that page is a good example of the goodwin’s law ;D

Like Pedro said, he’s a stupid little man. I’d add “sweaty” to that just because it sounds more derisive… :wink:

Stand up for Americans’ rights? How, by forcing advertising on them? Does he support spam, too? Junkmail (the physical kind)? Bah, whatever. He probably just wants folks to use IE so they can be 'sploited every time they turn around, and thus help propagate more spam by harvesting more boxes for BotsRUs. Splllbbt~


Maybe just as well!

According to The New Yorker, spam constitutes 90% of all e-mails and costs $10 billions per year to fight, only in the US!

Can we get in Opera somewhere here? After all, that’s the thread. :wink:


My apologies. I’m sure Soya Lv3 will split the offending posts out for us, along with a friendly warning. :slight_smile:


I don’t recall anything about being friendly 88)

and I removed the split button in Opera coz I expected the need to use it will no longer be necessary - it hurts the crotch too much 88)

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