For all the naughty boys

Greetz, Red.

Nice. (:CLP) Looking forward for Valentines day eh Red ? (:WIN) How’s your girlfriend ? :SMLR Planning a sexy underwear present ? (:TNG) I do (:LOV) So thanx for the link. (:WAV) Now I can see how my Valentine would look like (:WIN)


only 3 models ??? (:TNG)

Ganda’s post continues here - “and not completely naked” ??? >:(


The “take off” button doesn’t seem to work!!! :frowning:


Hey Melih :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club ;D

Greetz, Red.

Ganda, I think Melih wants you to stop hogging the button.


:frowning: heeey, i changed the black bra to transparent red, and the model said “actually i’m already wearing that” . >:(

Do you buy the girls when you click “Buy here”? (:SHY)

If one can buy a girl, I’ll have the pretty brown one!

(I reckon Melih’s got his own version of Defense+ on the site - that’s why we can’t change to red).

Rednose is my new hero. I wonder if any of those ladies are single :-* :-* :-*

:frowning: it has nothing to do with the bra >:(

Ganda :o

Experience with bra’s has everything to do with experience with women ;D Or is there something you don’t have told us 88)

Greetz, Red

:frowning: i mean those “virtual” bra. >:( maybe i clicked the button too much ;D , i’ll try it again :-TU

Maybe you need a little bit more practitice 88)

Greetz, Red.

great, now ppl think that i’m an inexperienced nerd with minus score IQ. :-TD booo >:(
i need sand to bury my head

:frowning: >:( this is the only place where someone don’t even deserve to be called a nerd (:NRD)
:-TU (-www-) :-TD (squeezing earth)

p.s. successfully changed the bra :BNC :-TU ;D

So you rather prefer girls with bras than some real porn?

Bravo (:CLP) Now you can start practicing in the real world :■■■■

Greetz, Red.

hey, i’m stuck at door 2. did i miss something? i’m too lazy to check “hints & rules” ;D

(:SHY) <== slapped by my neighbor