Fooling around in Google Sketchup and V-ray

I would call it…“it’s time to move on to CIS 6” … Don’t judge the picture too hard :), I am not on design team, this is an unofficial picture made while learning how SU works.

Crisp and sharp, thanks for sharing. :-TU

That’s a nice photo.

What is SU?

Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp Wikepedia

Ta captainsticks. Very insightful… :slight_smile:

SU is not enough, you’ll also need a render engine like vray, octane, etc. Here is another pic, hope you’ll like it. I encourage all of you to play with it, it is fun and stimulates creativity. If anybody else is doing it for fun, please post it here, maybe we’ll learn from each other new things

Thanks for sharing the stunning image bogdanr. :-TU

That’s a nice one… :-TU

Uh oh its the minions.