Fonts being screwed up

Recently D+ blocked memory attack. But now my fonts in system is messed up causing aplications to look like this. Is this causing a virus or CIS want to kill me nerves again?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Seems like something change the DPI setting for your PC.

Goto Control Panel > Search for DPI > Select “Make text and other items larger or smaller”

The default is “Smaller 100%”

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

That “something” is CIS. Las known good configuration did the trick last time, but no it isn’t working anymore. Now I need to reinstall my whole system… again! Give me strength…

Do you have system restore on?


Can you please post details of you system, so the dev’s can take a look at it.

Which details do you like to know?

CPU, 32bit or 64bit?
GPU, RAM amount.
Other security software.
System cleaners?
What windows 7 version?

And anything else you may think is important.

Phenom 9550, Radeon HD4770, 5 GB RAM, no other security software, only CSC, Win7 Professional. Oh yes, this happened when D+ blocked buffer owerflow attack from explorer.exe.

Is this a legit version of windows 7?

Yep, from MSDN AA.

Can you show the D+ logs please.



[attachment deleted by admin]