Font file on github detected as malware...

Hi there, im new here. Im pretty sure i found the right forum.

Anyways. I use this text editor called atom. It is an open source text editor that is also modular. Allowing people to make plugins for it of all kinds.
I downloaded a plugin for it which installs various monospace fonts. One of them being Quinze.
However, comodo detects only one of the font files as malware but not the others, i do not understand why.

The plugin can be found here on atoms official page link removed by moderator
It can also be found on github link removed by moderator.
The font file can be found in the github developer page in “resources/quinze/quinze.ttf”

I have not said anything to developer yet.

Hi Emenema,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.



This is to inform you that the file you have submitted was not a FalsePositive.

Karthik R
Comodo AntiVirus Lab

No? What does it do?

That seems odd as well.

I think it would take a week of dissecting to find out what that font file does…

I hope Karthik wanted to say that the file was not detected.

I’m the maintainer of said Atom package, and I don’t understand this:

This is to inform you that the file you have submitted was not a FalsePositive.

Is it, or is it not malware? ???

FYI, this is the source for the Quinze font: link removed by moderator

Doesn’t look good:

Will be pulling the font from my package and am in touch with Open Font Library about the issue.

Thank you for reporting. I have removed the url’s pointing to the font and kept the url’s for reference.

The font author updated the files and they’re now all green on
The Atom fonts package will be updated to restore Quinze.

Thank you for reporting back. :-TU