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I am trialling twitter… come and join me…



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My personal opinion is stay away from twitter. Its a retarded way to communicate, 140 chars?? :-TD :-TD

No serious information can be spread that way, just gossip and junk of that nature. I think you should keep yourself to the blog where you can express yourself without stupid limitations. =/

Twitter are for those who are so boring that they need to shorten themselves to catch anyones interest…

Luckily you don’t have that problem so I don’t see why you should struggle with twitter. O0 :-TU

Sometimes when you blog you feel like you should post something big and long…with Twitter you can just simply say what you are doing, and not have users read large blog posts about it…

I wish Melih would “Twit” some more than he is doing now.

Yes he should Twit abit more!

Hi Melih,

you’ve had a good idea to use twitter, but you should increased to use it, as have already advised you to do LaserWraith and OmeletGuy.

In my opinion, Comodo should consistently use this powerful means of real time information (microblogging), because it’s the future of simultaneous information and (using all other services like FriendFeed type, which works well with Twitter) it will allow greater interaction and information with the people.

Comodo, with Twitter, could provide updates on pills to its users about the news of CIS and other products.

A useful service, for example, could be to communicate the status of CAVS signature updates.

Or link to important topics in the forum, making a brief introduction of the topic.

We must not underestimate this new way of communication because, for example, Twitter is the only means of information which has enabled the Iranian citizens to communicate their current problems.


+1 :-TU

All right Melih…am, following you on Twitter too…tweeted thrice…lets have more tweeple onto the loop 8) :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi Melih

Just a few thoughts which might slightly jar with you as opposed to the usual glow from acolytes that respond to your comments.

I have been trying to get some information about Comodo Time Machine from your forum. Unfortunately nobody wants to communicate. I assume that either your people don’t know or they believe my question is so stupid that I ought not to be asking it.

So before I get to the punch line, let me ask you about what I cannot find out from your forums or non existent write ups about Comodo Time Machine.

CTM is an up market System Restore (sorry if thats not glamorous enough). With System Restore and say Win XP I can image a the partition such that if system restore fails I have a backup. Not only that, its easy to do with bags of freeware available.

I ask the same question about CTM can I image a) one snapshot b) several in collectivity and I am met with silence.

A guy who uses Rollback RX and says its similar to CTM tells me you can only do it if you use RAW mode. Which means you have to image the whole partition including unused space. Thus in my case 80gb and several hours of imaging. So now CTM is looking a bit like a lost cause. Other people tell me you have to uninstall CTM if you want image successfully. The problem then is you lose your snapshots.

So now to the Punch line - A lot less grandstanding, forget twitter. Get your people to think things through. Get the forums communicating what products can and can’t do.

I still just want a product that will protect me when surfing and allow me to install software that needs a reboot to install, yet can be removed from a virtual environment if you don’t want it. Sounds like the previous product you were developing and dropped?

Final comments, I imaged CTM and yes it didn’t work and I got myself in tremendous knots which took me all today to sort out.



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Allo mr melih and all who are in this forum i{m a very big fan of comodo company for a long time , and i[m registrated in the forum , but a very strange thing hapened i can not log in the forum to enter in the forum i had to change my ip adress , to log in with my credentials ! This is very strange! I never did nothing whrong, or treated anyone bad, so i dont understand why a message saying that i have been baned from the forum apears everytime i try to log in , so please see whats whrong!_i leave my mail here for you to contact me please! Mjjjg7[at]
Thank you very much!

Changed all caps to regular case. Eric

The answer to your question is you are using a VPN that uses an ip addresses banned by Comodo possibly or your provider is banned due to abuse. I use Spotflux VPN and after i use it to get rid of the ip address I have to clean my cache and cookies or the Comodo Forum Says I have been banned. Certain ip address ranges are blacklisted and the Comodo forums obviously have a working blacklist of certain ip addresses. The first time this happen to me i just ran CCleaner to get back to the forums.It’s not that you or your account has been banned.
It’s just a known dirty ip address you have.


The problem with the login of mailmen has been solved.